Grab positive and negative effects on video games

Video games are wonderfully designed which allows the kids and teen to get addiction on playing numerous games forever. Some of the games are designed with violent and thus commit extreme anti-social behavior while playing it.

the Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games
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Of course, the video games give both positive and negative effects for the kids and others. It makes the kids smarter by playing in different levels and teaches both positive and negative results forever. It makes them think high-level skills which are designed with future technology basis.

According to the changes in brain technology, the video games are set by physical structure in the same way. Most video games really workout by showing child playing activity forever. In many video games, the kids have to require knowledge to win and pass the levels by playing it. It increases the mental skills and thus providing a position for playing good video games forever.

Most games are played by deep level which brings emotionally and physically gains attitude on playing the video games easily. Today, many video games require the players to play close attention towards the games. There is a big debate going on whether the Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games for kids and teen.

Positive effects of video games

1. Enhance the cognitive functions

According to the research conducted, the video games provide numerous benefits for the teen by increasing cognitive functions. It slightly modifies the brain structure the same way while playing numerous games forever. It learns to steps and shows interest to gain something new for the teen to play the game.

This gives good concentration and surges with neurotransmitters strengthen for the teen. Builds the brain with actual power and thus providing brain structure forever.

2.Maintain hand and eye performance

The video games must use the eye and hand control at the same way by using iconic skills from the games. It requires a great deal for showing various abilities and handpicked coordination for everyone. With the brain coordination, it helps the teen to play the video games accordingly.

Moreover, the fingertip movements are easy and interpretation with our hands. So, you need to check whether the Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games for teens.

3.Quick thinking and accuracy

Each video game can bring players to make a quick decision based on the skills. Besides, the kids and teen must train themselves to think a lot and provides accuracy to play the levels easily. A study also shows that video games increase the thinking level higher and play the games without any hassle.  

4.Better decision making skills

Video games will improve the kids and teen to enhance the decision making process easily. Based on the gaming practice, they have to think it positive and thus having better decision for more than twice. This is four times faster than normal thinking and provides six times a second forever. It makes quick decisions as soon as possible to complete the target with 25% faster than others.

5.Encourage teamwork

Most of the multi player games involve team work which allows the players to play the games using co-ordination. Moreover, it helps the teens to make the most skills by sharing instructions with each other. It contributes to the team and thus easily plays the games using teamwork. So, these are the things that shows positive effects of playing video games.


Negative effects of video games


1.Enhance aggressive behavior

Video games are sometimes violent which leads to increasing aggressive behavior teens. It can be used to test the behavior and thus providing some harsh behavior forever. Also, the society values should be developed based on the aggressive thoughts and tendencies.

Moreover, this shows more negative points which allow the teen to lose their normal behavior. So, the negative effects of video games on health must be noted.

2.Lack of social isolation

Most negative effects of the video game show the teen spending too much time for playing the games forever. Also, the video games are making socially isolated which takes them apart from others. It affects extracurricular activities like reading, writing, and participating in sports.

3.Provide wrong values:

Most video games provide teaches teens wrong values while playing the games. Video games are weaker characters which try to depict some misconception to get helpless and sexually impaired. Teens also picked up bad language while playing the video games easily.

4.Poor academic performance

This is one of the most serious effects of video games on playing it. Playing long hours of videos games for teen performance is based on the poor academic. If you spend more time for playing the video games, you will lack the concentration and falling asleep attention in school. It does not allow one to do homework instead by playing games. 

5.Effects on health

Excessive gaming has adverse effects on health which allows the teen to lose health issues forever. While playing for extended hours, it leads to obesity, musculature and postural disorders, and make them get elbows.

6.Spoils interactive nature

The effect on video games is creating violence in kids and teen by playing the video games. Moreover, most video games spoil the interactive nature which allows the teen not to go outside. Also, the video games consistent correlation between the video games and use aggression evidence.

Of course, the video games show bad effects on children which affect their health quickly. Most often, the the Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games can hurt and help children attention issues altogether. It also affects the nervous system which allows for damaging completely. Also, teens spoil the life by playing video games completely and lack concentration daily.  

Games designed with high graphics which affects the eyes and reduce the vision power. Some video games are violent and thus providing bad effects on playing the video games forever. It shows some negative effects for the kids and teens.  

The Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games are desired to give bad concentration on social interaction for the teen. It does not provide stress free games rather you need to select desire games to undergo without any hassle.

It greatly affects aggressive real life behavior which allows the teen to get bad social interaction with each other.

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